Project management and execution

NRG Accounting advises, guides and coordinates in preparation for and during the execution.

Statement of requirements

NRG Accounting supports in drafting SOR’s to realise (semi) public energy sources. This entails a statement of requirements concerning the hardware of efficient and durable energy sources. 

Project coordination

NRG Accounting has a great deal of experience in coordinating project ranging from small to large where new power sources were constructed or existing power sources needed replacing. These can be projects ranging from the construction of a single power sources at a construction site up to a city-wide rollout of new power sources.

Applying for a fixed grid power source

A specific part of the execution concerns applying for and obtaining a fixed power source. 

NRG Accounting’s service can include to realization of a new power source either in collaboration with the network operator or from an existing power source nearby. Depending on the specifics of the project and the possibilities the network operator has, a fitting solution is found.



Uitvoering Gemeente Amsterdam

Voor de Gemeente Amsterdam heeft NRG Accounting geadviseerd in het opstellen van een Programma van Eisen in het vervangen en aanpassen van haar bestaande markt-

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COVID-19 testlocaties

Voor verschillende COVID-19 locaties heeft NRG Accounting er voor gezorgd dat vanuit aansluitingen in de omgeving snel en efficiënt overgestapt kon worden op een duurzame

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