Vision and policy

NRG accounting supports in drafting a vision and policy for the use of power in (semi-) public spaces.

Power services for events and markets

NRG Accounting advises municipalities and governments in updating and expanding their array of power sources for events and markets. While drafting a vision or policy NRG Accounting will pay special attention to the possibilities to create a durable array of power sources. Being durable means that supply and demand are perfectly in tune with each other and in which power sources can have access to IOT-solutions that allow for efficient and effective management.


EV Charging infrastructure

NRG Accounting advises in different fields on the rollout of suitable charging infrastructure. Be it for municipalities and governments or for large construction companies, implementing a charging vision is essential. A vision that fulfills the needs of today, but will also suit the evolutions of tomorrow.


Construction site of the future

NRG Accounting supports construction companies in designing a policy to create a fitting energy supply for the Construction site of the future. Not only is it durable and sustainable, but the construction site of the future will also feature the required smart-technology to efficiently manage energy.



Vision and policy

Advies Gemeente Amsterdam

Voor de Gemeente Amsterdam heeft NRG Accounting het volledige areaal aan marktvoorzieningen geanalyseerd. Vanuit de gemaakte analyse is een beheerstuk opgesteld waarin het aantal marktvoorzieningen

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Vision and policy

Advies Gemeente Leiden

Voor de Gemeente Leiden heeft NRG Accounting een beleidsstuk uitgewerkt over hoe de Gemeente Leiden de exploitatie kan vormgeven van al haar openbare stroomvoorzieningen.

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